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Booksalon: Everything a successful salon needs

The internet has cut out on your computer and you have no access to your client records. Your appointment system comes from one provider, your checkout service is from another, and you can’t even remember who supplied your payment terminal. It’s late on a Saturday and your register reports and takings don’t match. 

If any of these nightmares sound familiar, we suggest you carry on reading… 


Combine all the salon operation services you need and save time, effort and money

At booksalon we specialise in helping hair, beauty and wellness companies. That’s why you can trust us to provide all the services required to run a successful salon business.

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With booksalon Free you get a lot, but with our PRO plan you get even more

Booksalon Free includes the following services:

  • Appointment system

  • Automatic client register

  • A booking page for clients

Why pay for these services when you can get them for free from booksalon? Clients also benefit with booksalon because all of these services work seamlessly together. 


A payment terminal that works automatically with the checkout

All entrepreneurs in your salon can use the same checkout and payment terminal, so the accounting reports all come from the same place.

  • The register and integrated card payment terminal (£0/month) +  advance payments online

  • Card payment settlements by entrepreneur

  • Gift cards and inventory management

  • Gift card shop for online clients

Our PRO package costs only £29/month for the entire salon. This includes all employees and entrepreneurs.

I love the fact that the appointments, checkout system and payment terminal come from the same place. Everything works together so well without any unnecessary clicks and hassle, so I don't waste any time trying to reconcile reports from different systems. The service has been really good from the start and the online chat support is excellent.” - Minttu Kjelin, MyMou / Hair&Beauty - MyBrows

The decision to switch to booksalon was based on the fact that bookings, checkout and payment terminal were all integrated, resulting in time and money savings. Before booksalon, I used to spend about two hours every Sunday going through last week's mistyped receipts. In addition, as a booksalon user, I save nearly £1,000 a year in monthly payments compared to previous systems. As an added value I see that, as a whole, booksalon is from the client's perspective a very professional and high-quality service.” - Salla Priuska, Royal Beauty Spa


5 Reasons to choose booksalon

  1. Developed in collaboration with hair and beauty professionals

  2. Quick and easy self-set up

  3. Comprehensive free option and affordable PRO plan

  4. Send invoice links to clients and receive payments easily

  5. Focus on the essentials and stop unnecessary reconciliation and compilation of reports across different systems > You get everything you need from booksalon through a single contract

Enable the booksalon service free of charge via the button below, or arrange a free and non-binding telephone conversation with one of our experts.



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